Friday, May 22, 2009

For Fun Friday

Goodness, it has been a busy month! We have installed a new master bedroom for a client and have been working on pulling together a project for a home in Bellaire. I wanted to share a few things with you that we've seen today.

The first is bedding from Lee Wilder & Co ( Many of our clients are requesting machine washable bedding, which is hard to find that will wear well and last - plus look good. We put this bedding in our Master Bedroom Project and our client can not stop RAVING about it. We steamed it before the install and since then it has remained wrinkle free, much to the delight to our client. Lee Wilder is available through the trade, such as yours truly.

We actually only ordered the shams and duvet covers and then did custom accent pillows that focused on blue (there is a blue pin stripe that runs through this pattern). Take a look at the website, the colors are much better there.

An important designer tip: Find good basics and build from there - you do not need the entire suite or collection. The room will be better if you pull from several sources versus one.

Also, for those do-it-yourself style mavens, Macy's is having a really good sale on bedding right now. I picked up a king coverlet from the Hotel Collection for $100, and a queen set of 100% egyptian cotton for $77.00. You just can't beat that!

Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend! I'll be enjoying mine in San Antonio - can't wait to share the trip with you!

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