Monday, July 13, 2009

Driving in Texas - The Luxury of Time

Since we are taking more road trips this year with our children, I've been navigating a new course for each trip, trying not to go the same way twice. Partly because we hope to purchase land soon and want to get a feel for all of the towns, and partly because I get bored very easily. On our way home from Austin this weekend, we drove through a few towns that we had not been through before and took a few pictures of some of the county courthouses.

County Courthouse in Lockhart the official "Barbeque Capital of Texas". They take it very seriously, really. There are four major BBQ restaurants in this small town and the stacks of wood sitting outside of each was impressive.

County Courthouse in Hallettsville, the city of "13". Hallettsville has 13 letters, at one time the population was 1300 and it had 13 churches and 13 saloons and 13 newspapers. The town made it into Ripley's Believe It or Not for that. Who knew?

One of the most interesting buildings/barns happens to be the home to Shiner Prairie Woodworks. The building came out of no where while we were driving on Hwy 90, but it was beautiful. I only wished they had a bigger picture on their website to share with you. You can check out their site,, if you like.

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