Monday, February 23, 2009

Palm Spring Restaurants

Ok, so restaurants may not be directly related to Interior Design - but the ones in Palms Springs have it going on in spades. We went to several during our stay and it is interesting that they all are so different. I must say, I came back well feed and well wined, that and in need of losing a few pounds. In a time when amazing service in restaurants can be lacking. We had AMAZING service at all of the restaurants we went to. So cheers to the waiters and waitress that set out to make our evenings enjoyable.

If you find yourself in Palm Springs, I highly recommend the following restaurants.

The host and I presume owner was terribly gracious and very entertaining. We kept trying to figure out who he was. Our party felt sure that he was an Hollywood Actor, retired to the Palm Spring area. By the way, the entry chandelier is fabulous and hung a little low, really creating an intimate entrance. - Johannes Restaurant was equally as good, if not surprising in its menu which included among other things Kangaroo Loin. I had the butternut squash and appetizer quartet (since I could not decide). We had a fairly large table of ten for dinner and the restaurant and waitress did an excellent job of servicing our table.

Probably the most outstanding service we received was from Matchbox We arrived early for dinner, sublime calamari with jalapeno jelly and a fabulous pizza along with great wine and a great view. Always makes me happy.

The restaurant we went to the last evening Palm Springs Chop House ( , I am convinced put four pounds on me alone. We dined on escargot, spinach salad, rib eye, wonderful sourdough bread (it almost made your mouth pucker) and a molten chocolate cake for dessert. Now granted, my husband and I split everything - but it still was a lot of food. Interestingly, their interior was part Egyptian, part Spanish all at a chop house.

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