Saturday, March 28, 2009

Defining Your Luxury

Welcome! Have you been in your home for a while, but it still isn't pulled together? Or maybe this is your first home and you find that you need it all. Where do you start? Or, what worked in your home 20 years ago just isn't making it into this century.

Then this posting is the first in a series meant to help you to bring luxury into your home. Please take a moment to follow us so that you will get our updates. I have work in this field for the past 7 years, after a career in marketing and advertising. I joined this profession because like many of you, I love to create beautiful homes for myself and my clients.

The subject of luxury is incredibly subjective person to person, for a mother of two, it maybe being able to escape to a air-jet tub at the end of the day. For another, it may be the feel of a leather chair while enjoying surround sound in the media room. As Americans, this century has brought more selection, more design focus and more choices of what to spend our money one, enabling us to bring luxury into our homes.

However, with more choices, most of us are a bit overwhelmed. Because not all items are created equally, it is hard to ensure that the money we spend on our home is spent wisely. That means by a quality project, that will last over the coming years. It is quite the task to compare products and quality at more that one store. So how do we bring it home?

The first, and perhaps the hardest step - Define what you find to be luxurious. According to the dictionary, luxury is defined as "indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease". Luxury transcends all types of styles. It implies a level of quality and is personal to you. But luxury is also in the details. It is how many of us can differentiate a Gucci purse from a knock off. It is also how when you know the tools, you can fool the eye and deflect attention away from a distraction.

Luxury also relates to the senses - the touch of Egyptian Cotton, the softness of chenille, the expertly framed artwork, the scent of a reed diffuser all add layers to your definition of luxury. Then the home entices the senses through sight, sound, smell or touch, it cements itself into your memory and the memory of your family. So is a walk-in shower with a rain head and body sprays your luxury? Or is the induction cook top that boils water in 90 seconds, leaving you more time to be with your family your luxury? How about entertainment - reading a novel, watching the latest movie releases in the comfort of your own home? Where do you and your family spend your time? What do you love? What do you not like? All of these answers factor into your definition.

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