Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luxury in the Bedroom

I once took an online survey about which rooms do you like to show your guests. As you may have guessed, kitchens and bathrooms were high on the list, but so where master bedrooms. Bringing luxury into the bedroom depends slightly on what you plan on doing in the space. Some are obvious, like sleeping, but do you read at night, do you watch TV, is your bedroom your retreat from the rest of the family?

Take a look at some of my favorite bedrooms.

This is a guest room we designed on a budget. The right touches make any space warm and welcoming.

Another guest room we worked on, by adding a canopy to the existing bed, we gave focus to the room.

Blues are a popular choice for bedrooms because they can be calming, moody, masculine or cheery.

This bedroom was done in partnership with another Interior Designer, Catherine Johnson. I loved all the textures that we used in the bedding.

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