Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wallpaper is Dead! and other Tall Tales

"No body is using wallpaper anymore. Are they?"

This is a question I get asked often. As if my clients secretly want wallpaper and just need someone to say that it is OK. So, is wallpaper dead? Is it only confined to institutional and commercial uses? NO.

Wallpaper and the use of wallpaper is alive and well. Now, today's wallpaper is not your grandmother's wall paper with tea roses and arabesque. Although they still exist and are absolutely appropriate in the right interiors. But wall paper has become so much more!

Take a look at some of the more modern and contemporary wallpapers available today.

Designer Guild (

Designers Guild is not shy with colors. This is the line that is always in the magazines for very vibrant materials. I love them for the sultry attitude of the flocked floral and the cheery bright floral for a child's room.

Maya Romanoff (

The one on the right is a wood veneer. The one on the left is called Weathered Metals and is a hand painted vinyl.

Ronald Redding Designs (

These two papers use natural materials to produce the wallpaper, creating a more Eco-friendly product. I especially love the gossamer quality of the leaves!

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